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About Seniors Helping Seniors Windsor, Maidenhead & Bracknell


Welcome to our elderly home care in Windsor, Maidenhead and Bracknell

At Seniors Helping Seniors elderly home care means improving the lives of others. It is the core of everything we do. We positively change how “seniors” are treated, changing what is expected every step of the way in elderly home care.

Seniors Helping Seniors are the proud winners of multiple awards for the social impact of our elderly home care services. We have been matching seniors who need help with seniors who want to help for over 21 years. Our services help seniors and their families by offering compassionate, loving care from fellow seniors. You can read what people say about us in magazines, newspapers and on the BBC – we really do things differently!

Our services are flexible, and they are built around our clients and customers. No job is too big and no job is too small, and every family’s budget is accommodated.

Every office of Seniors Helping Seniors is a family owned and operated franchise, owned by selected individuals who have been carefully chosen because they have the right public-spirited attitude to make a real difference in their community.

 About the owners

Mike And Cathy Scott

Steve and Lynn Cowley are married with two sons aged 22 and 18, they live in Maidenhead. Steve and Lynn own and manage Seniors Helping Seniors Windsor, Maidenhead and Bracknell, delivering service and employment in Thames Valley.  Their services cover Windsor and Maidenhead, Bracknell, Henley, Marlow, but even if you are outside this area, please call because colleagues will help you.

Here we talk to Steve about their decision to open Seniors Helping Seniors in Berkshire

What inspired you most about Seniors Helping Seniors elderly home care in Thames Valley?

Steve explains, “We were inspired by the Seniors Helping Seniors business model because of the struggle we had to find the right care for our own parents when they were first in need of support.

We lived in Spain for many years running a business teaching martial arts and self-defence.

After my father passed away, my mother became increasingly isolated and lonely in her flat. She was desperate for regular companionship, someone that she could just talk with who would understand and be interested in her life.

Even when we found a reliable company to work with, there was often a different carer each day which was confusing and somewhat upsetting for mum. Although they were great at the practical side of caring, there was often a generational gap that limited conversation and genuine companionship.

It is probably worth mentioning the incredible sense of guilt I felt personally about my mother’s situation. Rightly or wrongly, I often felt like I was the worse son in the world because I could not be there more regularly for her.

The balancing act of family and work commitments, along with our geographical separation, meant there were simply not enough hours in the day, even after we moved home and I had resumed teaching. I have seen this same tension in so many of my friends as their own parents age.

So, when Lynn and I saw the Seniors Helping Seniors business model, we felt instinctively that it would have been the perfect solution to our own situation had it existed in our area at the time. It didn’t, so we decided to start it!

We have personal and professional guidance to offer families and we are thrilled to provide people with the lived-experience of caring, be it professional or caring for loved ones in the area, an opportunity to utilise that experience helping others. Being part of this solution is a thrill for Lynn and myself”.

Steve ended his teaching career to start Seniors Helping Seniors. Steve taught religious studies, theology, business studies and was head of year.

Lynn is part of the management team that built the largest special effects company in Europe.

Both have always been sporting and into fitness and wellbeing. Steve played club cricket until recently and Lynn was a hockey player.

Other things Steve and Lynn have done include, parachuting, bungee jumping, and lots of camping, caving and canoeing. They Lived in Spain for four years and have travelled extensively, including in India.

Steve lead pupils through Duke of Edinburgh and organised World Challenge trips. Steve plays guitar – mainly blues and rock. Lynn plays the ukulele and her group entertains at community events.

What elderly care services do you provide in Windsor, Maidenhead & Bracknell?

Peer-to-peer assistance allows seniors in need to receive elderly home care from someone who they can trust and relate to

Our carers offer many non-medical in-home services including but not limited to:

  • Companionship
  • Housework
  • Garden help
  • Transportation to Hospital, Doctors or anywhere else you need to visit
  • Trips to local events
  • Medical appointments
  • House maintenance and small repairs
  • Shopping
  • Dementia care
  • Meal preparation
  • Mobility assistance
  • Respite care (supporting regular carers)
  • Overnight stays
  • Pet care
  • Holiday companionship
  • nd so much more…

Why are Seniors Helping Seniors services so important to you and your community?

The business provides an amazing solution by bringing two groups of people together – seniors who are experienced and have time, and other seniors who need support to carry on living safely and happily in their own home.

We have wonderful people in our team who are willing to provide support to others. They have the care experience and the lived experiences for the peer-to-peer support our clients appreciate.

Steve explains “It is important to us to run an ethical business. We are excited to utilise all our experience whilst providing an important service to the community we love.

I was once told there were three guidelines for running a business:

  • Does it work as a business? Ultimately it has to be successful, otherwise all you have is a hobby not a business!
  • It should be moral and operate with integrity, providing an excellent product or service at a fair price. Would you be proud to tell your mum what you did for a living?
  • And… at the end of it all, are you able to look back and say your business had meaning? Did we conduct ourselves properly and leave a positive mark on the world?


We answer ‘Yes’ to all three points!”   

Our Mission

Our non-medical care focusses on keeping well.   Preventing crises is very much right-place, right-time in the UK.

The cost benefits and efficiencies in our processes secure our sustainable domicilary elderly care business model. 

All our services are delivered with sincere companionship because our focus is same-person care and carefully matching carer to client.

Fully managing all elements of service provides outstanding customer experiences and supports outstanding carers.

Our carers are staying active, staying social, and staying financially stable with an hourly wage which is above the Living Wage. Our franchise partners make money through doing good. 

The teachable business model exemplifies profit with purpose, empowerment, inclusivity, self-governance, thought leadership and the value of local expertise.


"We have been using the services of Seniors Helping Seniors for over 4 years and have been really pleased with the care and attention the team have always given to Mum. Nothing has ever been too much trouble and the team have often gone above and beyond to ensure that Mum was comfortable in her own home for as long as possible.

They often shared lots of laughs and fun times as well as caring for her emotional and physical needs and it always left us reassured that she was in the best of hands.

They are a very flexible team and always willing to help out when additional support was required putting the needs of Mum first. A special thanks to Eileen and Simone who have been on the journey with Mum and become more than a companion to her, they have become good friends. A very caring exceptional company. "


"Our Mum is suffering from severe dementia and although we take on a lot of the care ourselves, we needed some extra help in the afternoons. The care from SHS has been outstanding. All the carers have been great with Mum, taking her for a drive, a cup of tea and a piece of cake when able which is her favourite thing to do.

We have received photo’s of Mum from the carers of Mum while she is out and she always looks so happy. She can’t wait to go with them! Teresa provided Mum with a photo book at Christmas – such a lovely thing to do and Mum treasures this. Tina has been great also - always there to help co-ordinate and offer support.

We really cannot fault the care received. We know Mum is in safe hands and Dad can have a rest while she is out. Highly recommended! Joanna, Karen and Nicola."


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After 20 years in elderly care, we know how you would like to be treated! 

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